PFA-CE project partners met in Rome to discuss research results on existing materials and guidelines in Psychological First Aid and volunteer/staff support in disasters and crisis

Sep 14-15, 2017

From 14-15 September 2017 all PFA-CE project partners met in Rome to discuss the desk research on existing guidelines, tools and recommendations for (a) Psychological First Aid (PFA), (b) Community based psychosocial support and (c) volunteer and staff support including guidance and support for convergent and spontaneous volunteers. The University of Innsbruck conducted the desk research and presented results, whereas project partners had the possibility to give feedback. All in all it was concluded that there is already a lot of useful material existing, which can be used for the further development of the Train-of-Trainer (ToT) package. In a next step results from the national experience exchange workshops on PFA and volunteer/staff support in disasters and crisis, which were held in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia, will be analysed which shall also feed in to the Train-of Trainer materials. Those national exchange workshops showed that the dominant and most emotional issue was on spontaneous volunteers during the migration flows. Further it was concluded that volunteer and staff support needs to be improved, as well as trainings for the managers and that PFA and PSS need to be included in all stages of the disaster management cycle. Following discussions on the national workshops the project team used the meeting for planning the transnational experience exchange workshop, which will be held from 29-30 November 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia. The aim of this transnational structured experience exchange is to collect best practice

examples in PFA and volunteer/staff support, which shall subsequently be incorporated into the ToT package. The project meeting in Rome was also used to present and improve the developed project website and to agree on further communication/dissemination tools, such as a project Facebook group. The Italian Red Cross, an experienced project partner in migration, hosted the meeting and allowed for valuable experience exchange. A short report on the project meeting was posted on the project partner´s website in Italian language: