National workshop for experience exchange at the Macedonian Red Cross for psychosocial support in emergency response

Jun 28, 2017

On 28 June 2017 at the premises of the Macedonian Red Cross there was a national workshop for experiences exchange on psychosocial support in emergency situations with participation of all national acters and relevant authorities in case of emergencies. At the workshop the project “Psychological First Aid and Psychosocial support in complex emergencies (PFA-CE)“ supportd by EU, was presented with all stages and forthcoming activities for the period april 2017-april 2019.

Representatives from the Macedonian Red Cross, WHO, UNHCR and Macedonian Chamber of Psychologists have shared their experiences in the emergency situations that have affected Macedonia in the past 3 years with emphasis on the activities during the floods in Skopje in 2016 and the Migration crisis that is ongoing since 2015. Also presented and discussed was the national mechanism for disaster management as well as the role of all the involved stakeholders. The project activities were recognized as one of the key areas that were proven to be in need for improvement at the overall operations.