Transnational Experience Exchange Workshop in Croatia

Nov 29-30, 2017

On 29 and 30 November 2017 the Croatian Red Cross hosted Transnational Experience Exchange Workshop in Zagreb, an important milestone in the EU-funded project Psychological First Aid and Psychosocial Support in Complex Emergencies (PFA-CE).

Main objectives ofthe Workshop were to exchange experience and knowledgeas well as to identify needs in trainingrelating to psychological first aid, support to staff and volunteers working in complex emergencies as well as for managing so-called spontaneous volunteers. During the two days, through structured questions 40 participants from Austria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy and Croatia discussedthese topics. Additionally, the Workshop was supported by experts from Bulgaria, France and United Kingdom who enriched the experience exchange by contributing best practice examples from their own countries.

Main conclusions and experiences from thistransnational workshop, together with a conducted desk research and conclusions from the previously held national experience exchange workshops, will be used for developinga valuable tool for Training of Trainers, which is one of the main outputs of the PFA-CE project.