Italian Red Cross shares experience on psychosocial support in emergency response

May 26, 2017

On 26 May 2017 the Italian Red Cross organized a lessons learned workshop on psycho-social support (PSS), psychological first aid (PFA) and volunteer and staff support in emergencies. Representatives and superiors of all departments, including Migration, Restoring Family Links, Health, International Cooperation, Social Services and Emergency Response shared their experience on how PSS and PFA are integratedin emergency response, in particular in the recent earthquake and migration response, and what can be improved in this regard. It was concluded that more PSS/PFA trainings are needed for better emergency response, in particular when it comes to natural disasters. Further staff support and volunteer protection were discussed and how to improve trainings in stress management for all staff and volunteers.

The event was organized within the ECHO funded PFa-Ce project (task D, action 1).